Exporting Procedures

Cycad Exporting Procedures

  • Exclusive Cycads specializes in a wide variety of artificially propagated Cycad seedlings however always stay true to species and locality.
  • Exclusive Cycads thus guarantee pure cycads seedlings. Cross pollination by any garden hybrids are strictly prohibited.
  • Exclusive Cycads are now permitted to export cycads to all destinations throughout the world.
  • To ensure successful exporting of the plants we have a set of procedures in place and kindly advise our client to follow suit.
  • Please be advised that Exclusive Cycads may only export plants 15cm in diameter (ball size) and smaller.

Procedures to ensure successful exportation of cycads from South Africa to anywhere in the world:

  1. Contact Exclusive Cycad’s representative via e-mail indicating your preferences.
  2. Reply from Exclusive Cycad’s with images of available seedlings in stock as well as pricing.
  3. A proforma invoice is send to client upon indication that the seedlings and pricing is acceptable.
  4. A deposit or the full amount is payable.
  5. Client can use the proforma invoice to apply for required CITES import permits applicable in the country of destination.
  6. Upon approval of the client’s CITES import permits an e-mail with copies thereof can be send to Exclusive Cycads where after application for export permits from South Africa will commence.
  7. Plants are treated according to PHYTO regulations:
    - Soil as well as any possible fungus present on cycads are removed.
    - Cycads are treated with insecticides for organisms that might pose a threat to exporting countries.
    - Cycads are placed in vermiculite with a water solution to sustain life and health of the plants during the waiting period as well as during transportation.
    - Custom made CITES approved crates are used for transportation of your plants.Upon approval and receipt of all permits Exclusive Cycads arranges shipping via
  8. trustworthy airfreight facilitator. You can expect to receive your cycads soon.
  9. Exclusive Cycads arrange for the PHYTO inspection of cycads and documents to take place.
  10. Final payment is due before shipment is send off to the client.
  11. A last check will ensure the condition of plants are optimal for transportation before it is handed over to transport facilitator.
  12. Exclusive Cycads remains in contact with client throughout the process and thereafter to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Managing information regarding your cycads

Exclusive Cycads understand that a Cycad is not just a Cycad. They become so much more than that. You would like to make sure your plants are happy, healthy and grows optimally.

Exclusive Cycads commits to open communication channels with clients at all times. Should you need information about a plant, advice on the care your plants may require or if you want to share your experience with us, please do contact us via email.
  • Please attach images of the plant should you feel worried about anything.
  • Please indicate treatments administered

Exclusive Cycads will deliberate the email and contact you with the best possible advice.

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